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Multi Purpose Health Device - Stimulator - Kwd 6 Chennal

Price : 8000 / 105

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11 cm
26 cm
12 cm
1800 pcs
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DESCRIPTION : Multi-purpose Health Device can be used as a substitute for acupuncture and /or hand massage. It can regulate the nerves system, improve blood circulation in general, eliminate pain and spansm and strengthen the body's resistance to disease. It can also help in treating chromic arthritis, strain, stiff neck, lumbago, headache, toothache, impotence, insomnia, shoulder pain, numbness of extremities, trigeminal neuralgia, sciatica, intercostal neuralgia, tiredness of eye and general tiredness; Thus it has gained wide favorable acceptance from acupuncturists and patients of many countries. Meanwhile it is a new type of medical device with natural treatment

This device is mainly used in clinics and hospitals for detection of acupuncture 
points, massage(TENS), acupuncture(electro-needle therapy) and magneto-therapy. 
These units are equipped with built-in timer and can perform 5 different kinds 
of waveform and each waveform is indicated by a symbol which lights up when 
Adjustable Frequency and Intensity
Adjustable Sensitivity probe-Point Locator
Build-in Timer
Five Buttons Wave Form Selection
Frequency Indicator Green Led Light
Power Green Led Light
DC 9V (1.5x6) Size CR14 UM2 Battery
Provide electro-needle therapy
Alternative to Hand Massage
Musical timing switch for medical treatment
Operating Output Protection Device
Provide needless acupuncture-pulse electric therapy
Assisting to Detect Acupoints 
Multi-Purpose Health Device


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